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Know your Weather - Long Island, NY & Tristate Area - Easy access to visual Weather information. Check regularly when weather matters. The animations give you 30-60 minutes lead time- so note the time of each frame. Mobile version here.

Weather Forcast Details by the Hour - Know exactly what to expect in the upcoming hours and days @ n40.76 w73.07.

Interactive Real-time Weather Data - Current conditions and recent history shown over Google Maps. Automatically updates to current conditions, just leave it open. Accurate down to the minute.
for the best experience, clean the chaf off that page: Install RemoveItPermanently on firefox then import this preset. (Go to RIP options, choose "Import RIP").

Live traffic cameras:   INFORM NY

Police Scanner (Suffolk County only, all Precincts):   SCPDNY, or via RadioRef
Fire Dept Scanner (Suffolk County only, all Precincts):   via RadioRef

Google Virtual Earth Maps - the two best online satellites side-by-side. Try using Bird's eye mode in Bing Maps for the best imagery for our area.


Try a game of Webcam PingPong. More of this type can be had here

Lottery Simulator - You won't win. It's that simple. Don't believe me? Use this page to play lotto twice a week for 150 years. Scroll to the bottom to see what you'e spent and won. Do it a few times by hitting the F5 key on your keyboard (when looking at the results). Quite disappointing, isn't it?

this site is ugly and I might not care. the rest of this site is invite only